Do You Know?? Game of Thrones Actress Sahara Knite is Real PornStar


If you are fan of “Game of Thrones” series and watched it then you might be also seen the nude scene of it, nothing is new for the this actress because in real life she is a Porn Star.

Sahara Knite is the actress who performed nude scene in Game of Thrones actually she is a prostitute revealed herself and charged up to £900 for her services.

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She acted in first two seasons of “Game of Thrones” which hits the show and also comes in spotlight for excite lesbian sex with the name of Armeca alongside Jerome Flynn.

On her website she told about herself that “I’m a British Indian adult performer. I also work as a Masseuse, Mistress, Session Wrestler, Live cam and chat host”, Before making the move to work in the adult business, I had whole other career within the fashion industry.

She appeared in the first two series of Game of Thrones in 2011 and 2012 as courtesan Armeca.

In a Interview with The Sun:

She said: “You need to book for full sex.

“It costs £900 for an hour.

“I charge £900 because it keeps away the riff-raff.

“People save up for it.

“Other girls charge a lot less but they have to work a lot harder.

I don’t want to be seeing six or seven guys a day.

“Plus I work from home and you’ve got to be discreet about certain things.”

Sahara Knite is of Indian Origin and her real name is Saeeda Vorajee, she adopted muslim religion and first time she appeared in Adult Industry in 2004, her family shifted to London in 1960.

Saeeda Vorajee Twitter description “British Indian Adult Performer *In #GoT1&2 *Masseuse/Mistress/Session wrestler/Livechat & cam performer *BJJ/Olympic lifting competitor”