Kashmira Shah Revelaed Her Best $ex Position On Bed

Kashmira Shah is the wife of comedian Krushna Abhishek, she is famous in bollywood for her boldness. In a latest interview with website she told about $ex on bed, actually interviewer asked her which position like most on bed during $ex, so what left after this question she revealed secrets of bedroom and tells them that she like “Doggy Style” position on bed.

Kashmira gave this interview to “Filmymokey.com” in which questions starts from the Bedroom and ends on Bedroom, during question bombing asked which sex position you would like to do in bedroom, Kashmira answered that she like “Doggy Style”.

When asked about, apart from bedroom which is the other perfect area to make out? She replied: Living room.

Kashmira Shah Revelaed Her Best $ex Position On Bed !


Ahan! quite a bold interview we must say, Here are some of the candid questions Kash answered !

Which side of the bed is your favourite?


Cuddle or Kiss: What do you both prefer?


Lights on or off?

Lights are off and we are on (wink).

Who makes the first move?

I make the first move.

Source: www.filmymonkey.com

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