Salman Khan Booked in ₹1,000 Crore for 5 Years | Deal

Salman khan leave behind all the Bollywood stars in the race of earning even Sharukh Khan never signed that much big deal, in fresh reports Salman Khan signed ₹500 crore deal with Star India Network you might be shocked the deal is done in January 2013 whereas Kabir Khan movie “Tubelight” and Raj Kumar Santoshi movie are also in the list. 50 years old Salman Khan signed their next 10 movie with these groups in ₹1,000 Crore .

Salman Khan Booked in ₹1,000 Crore for 5 Years

Salman Khan deal 10 movies with Star India Network in 2013 for each movie he got paid ₹50 crore may be you confused why they are paying to these celebrities??? Actually deal is for the satellite rights of his next 10 releases as well as appearances on respected TV channel.

The two stars are also in the list, in same year 2013 Ajay Devgan also signed for 10 movies ₹400 crore and now in 2016 Varun Dhawan at ₹300 crore for next 10 movies.

The deal by Star TV channel will end in 2017.

Star Amount Movies Year
Hrithik Roshan ₹550 crore 6 2016
Salman Khan ₹500 crore 10 2013
Ajay Devgan ₹400 crore 10 2013
Varun Dhawan ₹300 crore 10 2016

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