Anil Sahai to be prosecuted with three others for LTC Scam: Bihar

Anil Sahani accused in ltc scam

Anil Sahani ,JDU MP, has been charge sheeted by CBI for his involvement in Leave Travel Concession claim scandal. CBI officials have confirmed that they have received nod from Hamid Ansari who is the current Chairman of Rajya Sabha, to prosecute the accused.

Anil Sahani is a sitting Rajya Sabha MP whose terms will continue till 2018. This is the first time that the prosecution sanction has been approved for a sitting member. Three others who are also name in chargesheet of LTC scam are Anup Singh Panwar, an employee of Delhi-based Air Cruise Travels Private Limited, NS Nair, then Office Superintendent (Traffic), Air India and Arvind Tiwari, a private person.

They all are accused for their alleged role for claiming fraud travel reimbursement. The false fare ticket accounts upto 23.71 Lakh. According to the rules, all MP can have free 34 air-tickets in a year for themselves, family members and associates for domestic travels.

In response to the allegation and action taken against him Sahani claims that its ia conspiracy against him and has denied his role in the scam. He said that he was the one who first raised this issue of false claim but has been dragged to falsely to the scam as an accused.