Just Dial or send SMS to 139 to cancel Railway Ticket: Indian Railway

The Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, has introduced a new feature in order to facilitate its passenger. Now cancelling a railway ticket will not be cumbersome as no one will have to rush to the counter and wait for his turn in the queue and specially at the last few hours. One needs to just dial or send SMS to 139 to cancel railway ticket.

According to new rule, those who want to cancel their railway ticket though they have booked it from the counter can now also cancel their ticket from anywhere and they do not need to hassle to the railway station. For this one need to dial on 139 from your phone and select option 6 from main menu as directed by Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR). An OTP i.e. One Time Password will be sent to them and on validation of this password, cancellation will be processed. A passenger can also send SMS to 139, they will also receive an OTP and entering this password will cancel the ticket. Online facility for cancelling the ticket will be now also available for those who do not have login in IRCTC website as new page will be introduced in IRCTC website. Entering PNR number and the captcha code will generate an OTP for cancellation.

For International travellers, Railway Minister has come up with a major change. Now all the international credit card and debit cards will be accepted through payment gateway. Earlies this facility is applicable only to American Express international credit cards.

Though these will give relief to many railway passengers, but there are some restrictions or can say rules for cancelling and refunding of the ticket. These are

  1. Only confirmed ticket will be cancelled, facility not available for waiting list.
  2. Refund amount can be claimed within a definite time as no refund will be provided after this time period. One can collect refund amount at counter during the first two hours on the next day of cancelling the tickets for the train whose schedule departure is in between 0601 hrs  and 1800 hrs and can be claimed upto four hours after the departure.
  3. Facility is available only to those customers who have provided their contact number at the time of booking.

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