IRCTC Website Hacker Arrested !!! 500 Tickets Book In Few Seconds

More than 80% tickets of Railway booked by IRCTC railway and it is very helpful for the travelers, taking of tatkal tickets from window difficult because the Online users book their ticket with in second and persons standing over ticket window wouldn’t get the ticket so these days person who don’t know about the using of internet reach to their nearest travel booking agent to book their journey ticket.

You must have probably cursed the slow speed of your Internet for this. But it has now emerged that a gang has been operating for a couple of years, hacking into the IRCTC website and buying Tatkal tickets in few seconds of Tatkal opening.

Hamid Ashraf is a 12th class student arrested on Thursday, 28 April CBI and Railway Intelligence hunting for Hamid from many days, in interrogation he speaks to the police that in 30 seconds around 500 tickets booked by him where The gang has apparently made more than Crores in this manner.. CBI bought 40 lakh Rupee, 80 Mobile Sim Cards and 16 Bank ATM.

IRCTC Website Hacker Arrested from Basti of Uttar Pradesh

He is living with Sister of his father and the whole scenario created from their house, this is not the one man army this is whole gang, persons from whole country suffered from their scam. Hamid develop a new software from which tickets can be booked faster than normal site because the IRCTC site take approx 1 minute to book a ticket but from their software with in a few seconds ticket booked

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