How to Plan Wedding If You Don’t Have Cash In Hand !!! Banned Rs.500 & 1000 Notes

How to Plan Wedding If You Don’t Have Cash In Hand !!! Banned Rs.500 & 1000 Notes: Hey, if you are a person whom going to marry before 31 December and getting depressed because you don’t have that much cash in hand for which you have planned to decorate your marriage. Today we will tell you the best way to arrange all the items which is gone to be a part of wedding.

Everyone who belongs to the wedding family is very much tensed that how they arrange all the arrangements but not to worry because some of the parts are easy to handle and where it can’t be handle use the money if 2.5 lakhs which can be taken from bank as per the RBI rules.

Wedding Plan For Your Daughter

  1. Download “Paytm App” from “Playstore” which is easy to download and within few seconds it will be in your mobile, now a days everyone has Android mobile so transferring of money from App to App is easy and safe. Before demonetisation limit of Paytm Wallet was Rs.10000/- now its upto Rs.20000/- . The money of Paytm wallet can be sent to your Bank account easily.
  2. Load the amount in your “Paytm App” as you want to shop… maximum limit Rs.20000/-.
  3. Now visit to small shop retailers and purchase the things which you need then ask them to download Paytm app if they don’t have the app in mobile, after then go to Pay option of app and transfer the amount to their registered mobile no. “its done” problem solved. This is how you use Digital India.
  4. For Big things like Furniture, Jewelry etc visit to shop and select your items and ask him for Bank Account and tell that you are going to make hot payments like RTGS. Through RTGS money transferred from bank quickly to any account, visit again to shop and tell them that the money is transferred and give them transaction no. ……you have done.
  5. Today we all know that everyone have Bank Accounts, so you might face less problems.
  6. The place where the you need cash, use your 2.5 lakhs.
  7. Its a great Idea hope it will help you, to handle this situation.

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