Rs.40 Crore Black Money Exchanging Blame On Axis Bank Manager !!!

Rs.40 Crore Black Money Exchanging Blame On Axis Bank Manager !!! Central Govt. Of India took a great decision to ban black money, everyone knows about the ban of currency notes Rs.1000 and 500 of India. Govt. gave the time to change every person who had these notes, the maximum limit to change these notes is upto Rs.2000/- but many cases are coming out for changing a very huge amount through wrong way, if clearly say their is no other option to change these currency except Bank.

We have heard many cases of changing notes by banks in a wrong way but recently Axis Bank Manager Accused to change old Rs.500 and 1000 notes by new note currency of Rs.40 Crore, this is the biggest matter of changing notes. Income Tax Department Found Kashmiri Gate Branch of Axis Bank involvement in changing Black Money into White.

The Manager of the Bank was offered Rs. 40 lakh to change these notes, the intelligence agencies and Income Tax Department keep their eyes on some of the Bank Employees because they doubt on currency exchange. Now the main documents and money of bank seized.

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