SMS integration and Multiple Account Support for Android: Tests in Process

Soon Facebook is going to launch SMS integration in messenger for android users. Due to this it will allow users to send and receive SMS messages from the app. This facility is currently in its test phase and is available for only limited users.

Integrating SMS in to Facebook Messenger’s app will allow users to have SMS based conversation by replacing default texting applications with Facebook Messenger app. This will be made optional. So while texting a message with the option enabled, a prompt will be seen in the input text box which reads ‘Write an SMS message’. To differentiate it with other messages, this sent SMS text will appear as purple bubble instead of blue which appears for usual messenger.

Though Facebook has launched this feature back in 2013 but this feature has been soon pulled back due to ‘low traction’ as stated by the officials.

In addition to this, one more feature is added with the help of which multiple account can be accessed from the same device. These accounts will password protected so that privacy is maintained and only the account holder can read their message. The reason for making accessible different account is the same device is due to millions of people share phones with family and friend. This will also help the people managing PR of companies.

The above stated feature are only for android users and only few limited people have access to use them in UA. We are eagerly waiting for Facebook officials to launch it globally so that every one can get the benefit.

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