Ice Divas vs Fire Birds Qualifier Women’s Kabaddi Challenge: Preview

Today is Women’s Kabaddi Challenge Qualifier Round or you can say Semi Finals, the team Storm Queens wins continuous 2 game and reached to final round currently the team is at first position of Women’s Points Table. The today’s match is Ice Divas vs Fire Birds the winner of the game will enter into finals and play against Storm Queens.

Qualifier match is Do or Die Raid for Ice Divas and Fire Birds, after losing this match their is no hope for next match because it is the last match to qualify for finals. Now the main question is this which team is better and pretended to be qualify for finals, well its difficult to tell which team is better but the in first game when Fire Birds beat Ice Divas everyone was thinking that the Fire Birds is the amazing team but after that they never won a single match even Ice Divas beat Fire Birds by 10 Points and took her revenge back.

This is the only chance for Fire Birds to show their strength Kishori Shinde is the best player in Tackle and Mamta Poojari in Raids so Ritu and Payel Chowdhury also needs to cover next raids after Mamta Poojari whereas Abhilasha Mhatre and Monu are the defender and expert in taking Tackle Points well if you remember in last game against Fire Birds they took 4-4 points in tackle which make a huge gap between the points of Divas vs Birds.

Ice Divas seems more stronger team than Fire Birds but anything can happen in this game because both are going to play with full effort they know that no other option are available after this match so continue game at 9:00 PM at Star Gold.

Best of Luck !!!

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