ICC Scheduled India vs Pakistan in Champions Trophy: Schedule 2017

ICC released the schedule for ICC Champions Trophy 2017, the game begins from 1 june to 18 june 2017, its 18-day tournament and will also see matches played at the Cardiff Wales Stadium in Cardiff and The Oval in London. On Edgbaston, Birmingham, on 4 June 2017 India vs Pakistan match scheduled.

The opening game of the tournament is between England and Bangladesh on June 1.

One year before the ICC announced the schedule for ICC Champions Trophy 2017, England host the trophy where 8 teams participate in which a total of 15 matches – including three knock-out games – will be played over two and a half weeks.

India and Pakistan are on field and off field rivals so the ICC taking advantage of it and made schedule in a way that these teams should play match against each other so both the asian teams are in a same group.

Last time Champions Trophy held on 30 September 2015, top eight sides in the ODI ranking have qualified for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 i.e England, Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.


Group A: Australia (1), New Zealand (4), England (6) and Bangladesh (7)

Group B: India (2), Pakistan (8), Sri Lanka (5) and South Africa (3)

Previous winners

1998* – South Africa
2000* – New Zealand
2002 – Sri Lanka and India
2004 – West Indies
2006 – Australia
2009 – Australia
2013 – India

ICC Champions Trophy Schedule 2017

1 June 2017
England vs Bangladesh The Oval 10:30 AM
2 June 2017
Australia vs New Zealand Edgbaston 10:30 AM
3 June 2017
Sri Lanka vs South Africa The Oval 10:30 AM
4 June 2017
India vs Pakistan Edgbaston 10:30 AM
5 June 2017
Australia vs Bangladesh The Oval 1:30 PM
6 June 2017
England vs New Zealand Cardiff 10:30 AM
7 June 2017
Pakistan vs South Africa Edgbaston 1:30 PM
8 June 2017
India vs Sri Lanka The Oval 10:30 AM
9 June 2017
New Zealand vs Bangladesh Cardiff 10:30 AM
10 June 2017
England vs Australia  Edgbaston 10:30 AM
11 June 2017
India vs South Africa The Oval 10:30 AM
12 June 2017
Sri Lanka vs Pakistan Cardiff 10:30 AM
14 June 2017
Semi-Final 1st
(A1 vs B2)
Cardiff 10:30 AM
15 June 2017
Semi-Final 2nd
(A2 vs B1)
Edgbaston 10:30 AM
18 June 2017
Grand Final The Oval 10:30 AM
Source Page: www.bcci.tv

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