Kabaddi Rules For Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Begins From 7th October 2016

Kabaddi Rules: Kabaddi is a brilliant game and makes an attachment with players either they are from any team but some of the fans don’t know the basic Kabaddi Rules which is necessary to understand the Kabaddi game closely, here you know what are rules in Kabaddi ??? which every player needs to follow. The game is originated from India, Ancient India and national game of Bangladesh.

Basic Rules of Kabaddi Game:

  • Kabaddi is a high intensity contact sport where the objective is to enter the opponent’s half of the court, tag their players and successfully return back.
  • The sport is contested by two teams consisting of seven players each. Each team starts the game with seven players on court and five substitutes on the bench.
  • Each Kabaddi match spans a duration of 40 minutes comprising of events called raids.
  • A raid starts when a player enters the opposition court. A player who enters the opposition half of the court for a raid is called a raider.
  • A player from the opposition team who tackles or has the opportunity to tackle a raider is called a defender.
  • The maximum duration of each raid is 30 seconds and during the raid, the raider has to keep chanting “Kabaddi Kabaddi”, known as the Cant.

Scoring System Of Kabaddi 

Raid Point (Touch, Bonus)

When a raider enters the opposition half for a raid, he has two means to score points:

  1. Bonus Point –With six or more defenders on court, if a raider crosses the bonus line, with the trailing foot in the air, the raider gets a bonus point.
  2. Touch Point –When a raider initiates a touch on one or more defenders and returns to the mid line, he gets touch points equivalent to the number of defenders he has touched. Those defenders are forced out of play and an equivalent number of players from the raiding team who are OUT get revived.

Tackle Point

When defenders prevent the raider from returning to the mid-line within 30 seconds of the raid, a tackle point is awarded to the defending team. The raider is forced out of play and a player from the defending team who is OUT gets revived.

All Out

When all players of a team are forced out of play, an All-Out is said to be inflicted upon them, with the opposition team being awarded two additional points. The play is started by reinstating all the seven players of the team back on court.

What is Raid Cycle?

Raid Duration & Cant

A raid starts when a raider enters the opposition court. The maximum duration of each raid is 30 seconds and during the raid, the raider has to keep chanting the “Kabaddi Kabaddi” Cant.

Legitimate on crossing baulk line

A raider first has to cross the baulk line to make the raid legitimate.

Bonus/Touch Point

Then, the raider can claim a bonus point by crossing the bonus line if there are six or more defenders on court. However, in this process, while one foot of the raider has to be between the bonus line and end line, his trailing foot has to be in the air.


The raider can initiate a touch on any of the defenders. Once a touch has been initiated, the raider has to return to the mid-line without breaking the Cant within the 30 seconds of raid duration to make the raid successful.

Types Of Raids

Empty Raids

If a raider returns back to the midline after crossing the baulk line without initiating a touch or claiming a bonus point, the raid is considered to be an empty raid with no points for either team.

Do-or-Die Raids

If a team has done two back to back empty raids, the third raid becomes a Do-or-Die raid for the team; meaning the third raid can’t be an empty raid with the raider necessarily having to score a point either by bonus or touch. In the event that the raider is unable to score a point in this raid, a point is awarded to the opposition team and the raider is deemed OUT.

Super Raid

A super raid is a raid in which a raider takes three or more points. Both bonus and touch points are considered in a super raid.

Super Tackle

When a defending team has three or lesser defenders on court and they successfully tackle an opposition raider, an additional point is awarded and the tackle is called a super tackle. However, this additional point doesn’t correspond to an additional player revival.

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