Match 4: Ice Divas Won the match by 24- 14, Top in Table

Match 4: Ice Divas Won the match by 24- 14

In Women’s Kabaddi Challenge Ice Divas won the match 4 on 13 July 2016. First half was completely in hand of Ice Divas, from the first raid Divas girls looks dominated on Fire Birds. After losing today’s match Fire Birds slips one step down in table, Ice Divas succeeded in getting first place of points table with 10 points in three match.

Really no one expected Ice Divas beat Fire Birds by 24-14, Abhilasha Mhatre who is also captain of Divas added maximum points to the team to win she score 4 points in tackle and 1 in raid whereas Monu scored four tackle points for the Ice Divas.

Mamtha Poojari, Fire Birds captain disappointed today she is key player of the team but today Ice Divas stopped her from taking points in first half and in second half Fire Birds slightly come back with some tackle and raids but they need a big raid which they didn’t get. There was one memorable time when Meenal Jadhav scored four raid points for Ice Divas.

This is the same team who lost their first match Fire Birds vs Ice Divas by 13 points but today its completely vise-versa Fire Birds lost game by 10 points.

Ice Divas are top of the table with 10 points from three games whereas Fire Birds are second with eight points from three games.

Ice Divas becomes strong pretender with the result of Women’s Kabaddi Challenge match 4.