Pro Wrestling League 2017 Schedule : PWL Season 2

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Schedule : Pro Wrestling League is one more sports event getting success in India, this is the great initiative taken by ProSportify owned by Kartikeya Sharma and Wrestling Federation of India. All the matches of Pro Wrestling held in India and this is the second season of PWL.

In 2015, Pro Wrestling League (PWL) founded in which 6 teams participated named on the city of India. The event itself a brand and over 66 players participated in PWL 1 from different countries of the world.

Fixture of Pro Wrestling League 2017 is out and the season 2 of league takes place from 2nd January 2017. The complete Pro Wrestling League 2017 Schedule is provided below. All matches will be held at at KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium in the Delhi.

Total Six teams are participated in PWL 2 and the winner of the league will get the prize money of Rs.15 Crore. The team participated in PWL 2 named as Delhi Sultans, Jaipur Ninjas, Mumbai Maharathi, UP Dangal, NCR Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers.

Total 15 Matches are to be played.

There will be 5 weight categories (57 kg, 65 kg, 74 kg, 97 kg, 125 kg) for men, and 4 weight categories (49 kg, 53 kg, 58 kg, 69 kg) for women. Each team can block one weight category before the bout starts. The league will be played on the ‘best of nine’, and each bout will have 2 rounds of 3 minutes each, separated by a 90 seconds break

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Schedule – PWL 2 Fixture

Date Day Fixture
02-01-2017 Monday Haryana v Mumbai
03-01-2017 Tuesday Punjab v Jaipur
04-01-2017 Wednesday UP v Haryana
05-01-2017 Thursday Punjab v Mumbai
06-01-2017 Friday Delhi v Jaipur
07-01-2017 Saturday Mumbai v UP
08-01-2017 Sunday Punjab v Delhi
09-01-2017 Monday Jaipur v Mumbai
10-01-2017 Tuesday UP v Punjab
11-01-2017 Wednesday Haryana v Delhi
12-01-2017 Thursday Jaipur v UP
13-01-2017 Friday Mumbai v Delhi
14-01-2017 Saturday Haryana v Jaipur
15-01-2017 Sunday Delhi v UP
16-01-2017 Monday Haryana v Punjab
17-01-2017 Tuesday Semi Final 1
18-01-2017 Wednesday Semi Final 2
19-01-2017 Thursday Final

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