Mera Bharat Live Team

Team is the basic need of any organisation so we decided to make first a nice team, we hired four persons for the writing purpose our main purpose is to provide fresh news which peoples like most to hear and read.

Rajendra Kumar:
Designation: SEO Analyst, Writer & Editor

I am Rajendra have nice experience in writing posts on Entertainment, Jobs, Education etc. before joining this website I was writer at various other sites then I decided to start my own website which covers all the part of News like Sports, Technology, Health, Jobs, Education etc.

Arun Rana:
Designation: SEO Analyst & Editor

Hi I am Arun loves to write on Sports and little bit gourmet which peoples like less but it doesn’t affect my behavior and skills. Doing of SEO is my work on Mera Bharat Live not SEO sometimes gave ideas which are Nugget for the organisation. My work can also be judged at where I update persistently.

Designation: Writer

Hi Lucky Kaushal is my name and I am lucky for everyone who knows me, well my MCA completes in June 2016 but IT teach me lessons which i never forget. Here the team members are very Motivated towards their projects and work, this is the thing which fill enthusiasm in me, team members carve up the work and most of have 2 things to do so my work is to write articles on fresh Jobs and modifying website (less in work).

Rajni Negi:
Designation: Writer

I am a Mechanical Engineer frankly their is no experience of mine in IT or computer field but the ambiance of office is great where team supported me working with these talented members is my pleasure. Education is the niche on which I write the post.

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