Do You Know How To Transfer Freecharge Money Through Whatsapp ???

With the latest update of Freecharge now you can transfer money via whatsapp, this is the new feature which is introduced by the Freecharge a recharge company.

According to the this feature you can WhatsApp money to any of your contacts!

With Android phone the money can be transferred but before this you have to save some settings in Freecharge application, reach to setting or menu and enable the Whatsapp. The feature is limited with the Android users so it can’t be used on any other platform.

Follow some easy steps to enable your Whatsapp with this Feature:

  • Go to “Freecharge on WhatsApp*” in your Android phone from the Freecharge Menu
  • Click “Enable” to enable Freecharge in accessibility settings
  • Open WhatsApp*
  • Type amount followed by FC. Ex: 100FC
  • Choose your options – send/request money or recharge!
  • Voila! You’re done.:

In the End of the Freecharge Blog a disclaimer is provided according to which *Freecharge or its Chat-n-Pay product is not affiliated with WhatsApp or any of its brands.

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