WhatsApp New Feature in 2016 LEAKED – Video Calling Soon Available !!!

Last year WhatsApp invoked Calling feature which is very much appreciated by the users. We have seen many changes in WhatsApp feature, design, policies etc. and in last month new features also added soon amazing and fantastic features will be available in WhatsApp Application.

WhatsApp New Feature in 2016 LEAKED !!!

According to Phoneradar report new feature like “Call Back” button will be available in IOS and Android, user get notified when any one calls you on WhatsApp also user need not to open application directly from that notification Call Back is available.

Now the next feature is “Voice Mail” user are able to send their voice message, Voice Mail can be send during calls.

The third feature on which WhatsApp company working is “ZIP File”, everyone is familiar with the word Zip file it is the source to keep files and compress to utilize more space in memory. The main benefit of this feature will be seen in more internet data saving.

Most probably the “Video Calling” will be added into next update, you might know know that this month WhatsApp updated the End to End Encryption feature, through this feature Text, Video, Image can be seen only by the real user because they used third party application to protect data. Soon the Users enjoy new features for which they switch to other application really it will save time and space of Mobile phone because to use these features customers have to reach other application and need to add different applications.

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